About Creative People –Objective & Ideology

About Creative People –Objective & Ideology

Empowering specially abled people to become self-reliant is the best way to showcase why they’re differently abled than ordinary humans.One of the organisations that have been most consistently, transparently and sincerely working on the same is Creative People. The organisation joins hands with hearing impaired youth and other specially abled youngsters with an aim to build up a constructive, fulfilling future for them.

The objective

Creative People is an initiative under the CSR activity of Herbinger Group that maintains an objective at its core to create a reliable learning & earning platform for highly creative, innovative, talented youth with hearing disability. The organisation’s faith that lays the building blocks is that these specially abled kids have abilities to make something out of the box, skills to create something unique and determination to overcome difficulties. All this together helps them make the most of what they have and boost self-confidence to become independent and survive.

Product offerings

The world of fashion & lifestyle changes almost every day. However, one trend that’s here to stay till the end of the world is sustainability. Eco-friendly products have been making rounds and creating all new massive markets in almost all industries across the globe. Beyond it, sustainable lifestyle is undoubtedly going to be the future and that’s the only solution that we as humans must implement for a future that’s better for both us and the environment.Hearing impaired youth at Creative People is engaged in creating seasonal goods that are eco-friendly and handmade.

The underlying ideology

Returning at least the minutest amount of what society has been giving us takes a sensitive human heart.And we, at Creative People, believe that there’s always a socially conscious global citizen in each human beingwho at some point or the other self-realises the willingness to give it back to the society. While a lot of peoplenever get to reach a single opportunity that allows them to do something like this and make the difference happen, Creative People can become just the right platform for them. We’ve been working on several initiatives that encourage the socially conscientious citizen in us and still aspire to be associated with many such initiatives.